Here is a sample of the sites I’ve built. In some instances the build was entirely mine, in others I was part of a team and built specific areas and/or functionality. In every case, the themes are custom builds, and the WordPress CMS is extended using custom post types, custom fields, and, often, custom gutenberg blocks and custom global site settings. These are all classic (or hybrid) PHP themes. The builds are all mobile first, with attention paid to WCAG accessibility.

MyriamGurba.com website screencap

Myriam Gurba is a noted Latina author and activist.

The custom theme was done using Bootstrap 5, custom fonts & bold colors, while keeping accessibility in mind.

The CMS is extended using custom fields and post-types to build an archive of pieces written for other magazines, anthologies, and websites, as well as a book type that contains additional fields for reviews, price, ISBN, publication year, format(s), reviews, etc.

Design of this site is also mine, as are all photographs of the author.

Technologies: WordPress, ACF, Gutenberg, Bootstrap 5, sass

Screencap of the Catalyst website

Catalyst is a global nonprofit supported by many of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to help build workplaces that work for women.

I was part of the team that built and supported this site, which uses the Twig templating system that separates PHP from HTML, frequently used in Drupal.

For this site, I developed custom functionality, custom post types, ACF flex content, as well as reworked earlier templates to better support SEO and accessibility.

Technologies: WordPress, Timber/Twig templating engine, custom post types, flex content

Screencap of First Tee website

First Tee is an organization sponsored by the PGA that uses golf to teach kids life experiences, build strength, self-confidence, and resilience.

There are 150 chapters throughout the United States, and the challenge was to allow each chapter to maintain its own website while having absolutely consistent branding and functionality throughout. This was achieved using WordPress Multisites.

This was a full custom theme build. My primary contribution was in developing custom post-types and custom gutenberg blocks to display custom content. The CMS has also been extended with the addition of custom settings.

Technologies: WordPress Multi-sites, Gutenberg, ACF blocks,

screen-cap of Brown & Toland Health website

Brown and Toland Health is a primary care physician (PCP) medical group, and their site is made with patients in mind, allow patients to search for and find physicians, services, and resources. It offers clear information about doctors, what insurances are accepted, and allows the patient to book appointments.

This new build was done using the Genesis framework.

My primary contribution was the provider area – both the find-a-doctor search page and the individual physician pages and modals. There is extensive customization using custom fields and post types. Videos are embedded on the physician pages and appear in popup modals. Careful attention was paid to accessibility, especially with the use of modals, which can be hard to navigate with assistive technology if not done right.

Technologies: WordPress, Genesis Framework, ACF, Custom Fields & Post-types

cityhealth.org website screencap

Cityhealth is a website that rates cities based on a number of health policies. I was contracted by an agency to build this site. Designs were supplied in Invision. Data had to be organized and migrated from multiple non-WordPress sources.

The core of the site are cities, and policies, which are cross referenced. Both are custom post types. In addition, there’s custom taxonomy for articles, resources, etc.

Because the site is used by government officials and policy makers, css was written so that city and policy pages would print well as brochures.

Technologies: WordPress, ACF, custom fields, custom post types

Screencap of the Tasteful Rude website.

Tasteful Rude is part of the Brickhouse Cooperative, edited by writer Myriam Gurba. A perpetual work-in-progress, this is based on a theme originally written for thebrick.house by Matt McVickar.

The site is part of a multi-site network for which I developed multiple themes. It uses custom post types and fields, as well as custom gutenberg blocks and content, and custom homepage and global site settings.

Technologies: WordPress multi-sites, ACF, custom fields, custom post-types