I build websites.

Front end developer and ecommerce specialist with over 15 years experience building and maintaining large scale ecommerce stores, education and non-profit websites. WordPress specialist. I build clean, fast, responsive websites that look great and perform well in all environments. I deliver great work on schedule, care deeply about my work, and delight in the process.

Some of my work

I’m a WordPress specialist who designs mobile first, with great attention to detail, standards compliance, and accessibility.

MyriamGurba.com website screencap
Screencap of First Tee website
cityhealth.org website screencap
screen-cap of Brown & Toland Health website


It’s possible to be a developer and to have lived a rich and interesting life.

It’s possible to care about code, be a meticulous developer, and be an artist.

My skills include a ruthless attention to detail and the ability to diagnose problem such as coding issues or implementation snags. I work with Git, SASS, jQuery, Gulp, NPM, Chrome Devtools, and other modern development tools for efficiency and performance. I have experience with CI/CD platforms, in particular circle/ci and codeship. I am skilled at Adobe Photoshop, and very familiar with Linux and Apple software.

In an increasingly crazy world, I take comfort in a few things. One of those is the elegant simplicity of well written code, with all the symmetry that code involves, code that does exactly what it’s intended to do. A simple function, a beautiful photograph, the smell of dirt after a rain, these are all small and often overlooked things that we can depend on.